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ZWEE DOT : How Kelly Sill Listens to Music - Frank Russell Band

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

by Kelly Sill

In this column Kelly Sill takes a listen to a cut by Frank Russell entitled "The Days of Wine and Roses". It was recorded live at Dirtty's Jazz and Blues Club in Gary, IN, Published on Aug 18, 2015


00:00 And the cut starts

00:07 Bass melody, rubato

00:17 He's plucking near the pickups, giving it a nice vocal feel

00:27 Using just enough vibrato to make it lyrical

00:38 Second-half, again with nice glissandos

00:53 And the punch line is very high up on the bass

01:00 Nice

01:02 Time begins

01:11 And now a second chorus of bass melody, down an octave

01:17 I don't think that I've ever heard that before

01:39 Now the second half, melody up to the initial octave

02:05 That was cool

02:12 Now he starts walking - guitar solo

02:26 Nice groove; he's now plucking away from the pickups, for a mellower sound

02:48 Beautifully traditional bass lines

02:55 Really a pocket player

03:01 Guitarist sounds good

03:31 Guitar double-timing for variety

04:07 Nice ideas; playing a lot of guitar

04:43 Piano - simple, clear construction

05:21 They are clearly enjoying the groove

05:32 I've never seen any bass player pluck that far up on the neck

06:38 Another piano chorus; I thought that he might be done

07:34 Bass solo

07:45 He's playing in the same register as the initial in-head

07:57 Both alluding to the melody, and leaving nice spaces

08:12 He actually has a lot of chops, but uses them only when he needs to

08:25 Beautifully constructed

08:43 Really making a statement!

09:16 That's a lot of bass

09:32 I dig how he waits for the moment that he actually needs to come in

09:44 Out-head; one note down an octave, then up an octave for the rest

10:10 Very little embellishment

10:31 Very nice

10:39 There is the punchline

10:45 And the tag

10:54 And the classic walk-down

10:56 Rubato

11:13 Frank seals it

11:18 Another great cut!

This is the first cut that I've ever done off of YouTube, and the fidelity is not all that great. However, I enjoyed doing the column. - Kelly

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