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October 2019 - Feature Interview: Chico Freeman

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Chico is a member of the Freeman family, Chicago’s First Family of jazz. His father is the legendary saxophonist Von, and his uncles include guitarist George and drummer Bruz. Although Freeman has adopted the instrument of his father, it was not his first instrument, as he discusses in this feature interview.

Freeman grew up in Chicago but moved to New York and quickly made a name for himself on the scene. Throughout this interview Freeman discusses his experiences meeting and working with many of the legends of jazz. He discusses his concepts on playing, leading his own groups and composing and recording his own music.

He also discusses his new projects that are debuting later this year, one of which honors his grandmother who was instrumental in inspiring his father and uncles to pursue music.

We hope you enjoy the October 2019 feature interview with Chico Freeman.

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