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CD Review: Twin Talk - Weaver

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

By Hrayr Attarian

Twin Talk- Weaver

Dustin Laurenzi - tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet

Katie Ernst - bass, voice

Andrew Green - drums, percussion, gankogui bells

The captivating Weaver is Chicago based Twin Talk’s third release and the one that best exemplifies the group’s remarkable cohesiveness and its unique sound. The ten songs that comprise the album are each made up of kaleidoscopic array of melodic fragments, harmonies and moods that arise from the trio’s superb, collective musicianship.

Saxophonist and clarinetist Dustin Laurenzi’s stimulating “Five” opens with a haunting mix of his languid lines and vocalist and bassist Katie Ernst’s ethereal wordless singing. Ernst’s darkly vibrant strings and drummer Andrew Green’s thunderous polyrhythms contribute a primal earthiness to the tune that complements the Laurenzi’s fiery and intelligent improvisation.

Another intriguing contrast is between Ernst’s intimate and serene “Blessing” and Laurenzi’s expansive and dramatic “The Sky Never Ends". The former is an intensely spiritual piece with Ernst accompanying her own mellifluous chanting with sparse, resonant reverberations. Green adds a mystical feel with his expectant brushes while Laurenzi solos with melancholy and eloquence.

The latter is tense and cinematic and made up of group refrains of shimmering pastel colors. The music transforms into symphonic and luminous performance with sublime vocalise and contemplative woodwind phrases that meander within the intricate crystalline rhythmic structures.

There is also room on this exciting recording for freer and delightfully dissonant individual expressions. The perfect example of this is “Paxton”. The riotous three-way extemporization features angular and agile basslines, ardently blowing tenor tones and tumultuous percussive beats and concludes on an exhilarating note.

Weaver is Twin Talk’s most accomplished and elegant work to date. On it these three immensely talented artists exhibit a mature and seamless camaraderie without sacrificing their singular creative voices. This disc is another highlight in the band’s brilliant and original career trajectory.

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