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CD Review: Magnetic, Magnetic

Written by Hrayr Attarian

Magnetic Magnetic EP

Joel Moore – Saxophones

Paul Scherer – Keyboards

Nick Mizock – Guitar

Michael Barton – Bass

Paul Townsend – Drums

The sub-genre of fusion, although much maligned in some circles, retains its appeal for both musicians and audiences. In the right hands the mix of jazz and other, often more popular, styles can make the first accessible and may give the latter a vibrant spontaneity.

The members of the collaborative Quintet, Magnetic, have all the “street cred” to pull off a successful musical mélange. Their eponymous EP is proof of that.

For instance, the group’s guitarist, Nick Mizock, has recorded a rock album and leads an organ trio. His original contribution to the disc, the energetic “Divisceral” is a hard-swinging tune with fiery collective sound. It features Mizock’s angular and intelligent improvisation as well as pianist Paul Scherer’s soulful and crystalline solo.

Scherer—who has successfully blended western classical, new age, and jazz elements in the

past—shines on bassist Michael Barton’s “Tapestry.” His shimmering, cascading keys add an ethereal touch to the wistful and moody ballad. Saxophonist Joel Moore embellishes the

melody with contemplative and simmering lines.

Moore, who also plays in R&B bands, penned the pop-ish “Not So Far Away.” Barton’s lyrical and agile electric bass solo adds a nocturnesque feel to the effervescent piece.

Moore’s other contribution is the Latin-tinged “Sob a Luz Amarela.” In addition to featuring the saxophonist’s muscular and lithe phrases, it showcases drummer Paul Townsend and his thunderous, visceral beats.

Magnetic is a very cohesive group and one with high-caliber artistry. Their work, therefore, is highly enjoyable and engaging. This delightful release, despite its short duration, should have a wide appeal.

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