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CD Review: Joey Locasio Meets the Legend

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

By CJM Staff

Joey Locascio Meets the Legend

Joey Locasio - vocals

Joey DeFrancesco - B-3 Organ

Paul Bollenback - guitar

Greg Artry - drums

Carlos Garcia - percussion

From the first track of the new release by vocalist Joey Locascio entitled Joey Locascio Meets the Legend you get taste of what you are ins tore for when Locascio’s bigger than life voice joins forces with world’s hardest driving B-3 Organist, Joey DeFrancesco.

For this reviewer, it is apparent that the song selection for the entire recording was based on what has inspired Locascio throughout his career. Mixing Sinatra classics with jazz standards and even throwing in a 60’s pop tune for good measure takes the listener on a trip through his repertoire and showcases why he was featured for many years at The Sabre Room in Hickory Hills performing nightly to packed rooms.

A few tracks that standout include “Fly Me to the Moon” which features Locascio putting his own signature on the verse and then a high energy double time solo by Joey DeFrancesco which helps to put a new twist on this classic tune. Another is “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” which is done with a bossa nova feel and features four part vocal harmony which enables Locascio to put his own spin on the melody while the harmony keeps the integrity of the tune.

Probably the song on the recording that best combines Locascio and DeFrancesco’s talents has to be “That’s Life”. If feels Locascio finds the groove right from the start and DeFrancesco is obviously in his element. The song naturally builds, spurred on by an incredible DeFrancesco solo which sets up Locascio for a big ending.

Overall the recording Joey Locascio meets the Legend offers a nice mix of songs that showcases Locascio’s wide range of styles and gives the listener an opportunity to hear Joey DeFrancesco perform music that isn’t normally in his repertoire. As it say’s on the artwork to the recording “Will Make Your Feel, Good Feel Better” and I think for this recording it will!

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