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April 2019 - Feature Interview: Greg Spero

Pianist Greg Spero sits down for an in-depth interview to discuss his influences, concepts, passions and much more.

Spero talks about his time touring the world with the pop star Halsey, creating an online video show that features improvisations with musicians from genres called "Tiny Room", he talks about his group "Spirit Fingers" and his current tour with drummer Makaya McCraven.

Throughout the interview Spero talks about how important it is for him to continually push himself to be as creative, focused and present during every aspect of his life. He discusses his process for getting into the moment no matter what is going on around him and creating a mindset for maximum creativity.

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Part 1 - Getting Started

Greg talks about growing up in a musical house and being exposed to music at a very early age. He also discusses his thoughts on what the depth of music and the ways in which gets his mindset ready for a performance.

Part 2 - Translating Creativity Into Performance

Greg talks about the difficulty of learning jazz academically and then trying to transfer that into actual performance situations.

Part 3 - Halsey

Greg talks about his time with Halsey. He discusses how he first was approached to perform with her, how he developed the sounds he used and the experiences he had touring the world.

Part 4 - Tiny Room and Spirit Fingers

In the final part of the interview Greg talks about his recent projects the Tiny Room and Spirit Fingers.

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