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JULY  2018  |  Vol 17 No 4

Maurice Brown
Maurice Brown
Maurice Brown

Frank Russell photos by Christine Jeffers


Chicago native Frank Russell has been playing bass since age 14 when he shifted from guitar and found his true voice.  Frank grew up in a home with a loving family who appreciated music. He recall's looking up and seeing photos of Miles Davis and John Coltrane on the wall. His Dad, who played acoustic bass as a teenager, was a big influence as well as his Mom, who sang around the house.

After seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show Frank received a guitar for Christmas and started guitar lessons soon thereafter.  He also received a drum set, which he played until high school. His Mom brought home a copy of Sly and the Family Stone’s There’s a Riot Going On, which featured Larry Graham and his slap style of bass playing.  He was hooked. He began listening and studying all of the bass players of the day from Verdine White, Larry Graham and Stanley Clarke. He immersed himself in their various styles and techniques constantly trying to re-create the sound he was hearing on the recordings.








Russell began playing professionally while still in high school and as he networked and performed throughout the Chicago area he soon began to meet and perform with musicians who would turn out to be life long friends and mentors. Such musicians as Randy Hall, Robert Irving III (Music Director and keyboardist with Miles Davis), Vince Wilburn, Ken Chaney, Henry Johnson, Freddie Hubbard, Ramsey Lewis, Willie Pickens and many others have become life long musical influences and friends.

Russell also began doing for musicals and played the show Beehive for two years which eventually lead him to work at the prestigious Steppenwolf Theatre. While performing for shows at the theatre he played on a show that featured the South African singing group “Ladysmith Black Mambazo”. Although it was supposed to be a short run it turned into a six year run that took Russell all over the country performing at numerous venues, including a three-month stint at the Kennedy Center. 

During the interview Russell talks about his longtime friendship and collaboration with guitarist Henry Johnson, his CD release entitled Influences and his upcoming performance August 2, 2018 for the WDCB Summer Music Series at the McAnnich Arts Center at College of DuPage.

Frank is a clinician for Lakland Basses and endorses Lakland GHS Strings and Gallien Krueger amps. Russell has also performed or recorded with Freddie Hubbard, Ramsey Lewis, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Peter Erskine, Wallace Roney, Alphonse Mouzon, Billy Foster, Quintin Primo III and more.

210 Live Jazz Club

Feature Interview with Frank Russell

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1:49 - First started playing bass


4:25 - Kids all came to his house to jam


8:02 - First learning everything by ear


10:02 - Freddie Hubbard thought it was an upright


13:45 - Meeting Stevie Wonder


18:55 - Playing with Lady Smith Black Mambazo


25:07 - Talking about his new release Influences


29:01 - WDCB Summer Music Series Performance: Frank Russell & the Chicago Power All-Star Band

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