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Million to One - Palmetto Records - Steve Million – 1995




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Steve Million - piano 

Randy Brecker - trumpet 

Chris Potter - sax 

Michael Moore - bass

Ron Vincent - drums 


0:03 The sound of this cut is so beautiful, when it comes in it kills me

0:11 Piano answers, and then that run  

0:20 Opening phrase again, and then a different piano answer

0:23 It’s another beautiful phrase

0:30 Nice answer

0:35 Same phrase

0:40 Now, an Afro-Cuban beat - nice contrast

0:51 And a similar theme to the beginning

1:04 Back to the top - Chris didn't come in until the third bar - I think he spaced

1:12 Equally as beautiful as the beginning

1:18 And another great piano response

1:24, Same answer as the beginning

1:38 Back to the Afro-Cuban thing

1:44 It's hypnotic

1:49 Wow, a whole new section

1:55 Repeated, but different harmony

2:00 Way more energy now, same phrase

2:09 That phrase ends, and back to the interlude similar to the beginning

2:19 Bass solo starts

2:25 Michael is such a beautiful and lyrical soloist

2:40 Cool; they're playing through the changes

2:53 Beautiful!

3:06 Nice way to end it - oops, I thought that they were done

3:16 Now they are done - trumpet starts

3:33 Started a slow development, and then turn flurries into new lines

3:43 I like the fact that they're playing the changes, which works really well

3:53 Instead of going to the Afro-Cuban part there, there's a slightly different interlude

4:08 Randy is playing over the interlude the same way that Michael did

4:20 Million has such a beautiful sense of melody and he's re-harmonizing his own harmony

4:38 Really nice

4:49 Beautiful exposition

5:12 Great pickups into the out-head

5:30 Same as the in-head

5:33 And now the second section

5:41 Quite a complex piano answer

5:50 Back to the Afro-Cuban section

6:00 And this part again

6:13 This is cool: a counterpart to the melody

6:25 Very elaborate

6:38 And actually quite dissonant

6:46 Almost screaming

6:52 Back to the original theme

6:56 And theyre setting it down

7:00 A simple ending

7:04 Another beautiful cut!






This is one of finest compositions that I’ve ever heard in my life - Kel


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Green Mill Jazz Club
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